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i-KEY 展覽花絮
Trade Fair
China HI-TECH Fair 2004
CHINA HI-TECH FAIR 2004 ( 12/10/2004 - 17/10/2004 )
Event Name :
Venue :
  Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, Shenzhen
Date :
  Oct 12 - 17, 2004
Booth No. :
  Hong Kong Pavilion HK1-2
Website :

an innovative automotive solution
to prevent drink driving
Booth No : HK1-2

The i-KEY Drink Driving Prevention Systems is the world's first working car key device for drink driving prevention. The key has a protruding interlock that blocks entry to the ignition and retracts once a breath sample under the legal limit has been analysed. The i-KEY is a down-to-earth technology solution which integrates a breath analyser into the car key, without modification of the vehicle by qualified technicians. This is a major technological breakthrough, making the i-KEY the world's first drink driving prevention systems which is independent of the body of the vehicle, thereby enabling all existing cars to be duly equipped in a ready and convenient manner.

The i-KEY Drink Driving Prevention Systems smartly integrates a simple-to-use car key with a breath analyser in achieving a balance between safe driving and sensible drinking, and it can be put to use with minimal effort and expenses.

Ms Wu Yi, Vice Premier of the State Council, PRC
i-KEY booth

.Media Interview
Phoenix TV
China Central Television
ShenZhen TV Station
.Celebrity Visit
Mr Shi Guang-sheng,
Former China's Minister for Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation
Ms WANG Sui-min,
Vice Mayor of Shenzhen
Mr. Anthony S. K. Wong,
 Commissioner for Innovation
 and Technology 
.Event Highlights
The i-KEY Drink Driving Prevention Systems
attracts thousands of visitors.
Mr Paul KAN Man-lok,
Director of Champion Technology Group
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